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$ $9.95
AXO 412 Mini Grips
3/4 And 7/8 inch inner to fit on PW, CRF 50 stock bars. Full waffle pattern szed for a kids hand. Same length as stock grip. Softer compound than stock for better feel.
(MSRP: $ $9.95 )
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$ $6.95
Oury Oury Grips  pop
We have always ran Oury Grips cuz they are just grippy enough to have you hang on good, but not too harsh on your hands. Made in America.
(MSRP: $ $6.95 )
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$ $12.95
Tag Metals Tag Grips
Used by many top motocrossers and all of the Sano crew, these grips get tacky with use. Soft and comfy and good looking too. Half waffle style. Available in Black or Grey.
(MSRP: $ $12.95 )
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